Executive Board

ICOMAM is managed by an Executive Board drawn from its membership who are elected every three years at our Triennial Congress. We try to have members of the Board from as many different countries as possible.

Executive Board 2019-2022:

Paul van Brakel  (chairman)

Andreja Rihter  (secretary)

Michał Dziewulski  (treasurer)

Ilse Bogaerts

Jeffrey L. Forgeng
(United States)

Parvin Gozalov

Elena Lazareva
(Russian Federation)

Mark Murray-Flutter
(United Kingdom)

Prem Singh Basnyat

Antonio Velez

ICOMAM Board Members during ICOM General Assembly in Kyoto. From left: Parvin Gozalov, Elena Lazareva, Michal Dziewulski, Paul van Brakel, Andreja Rihter, Ilse Bogaerts, Jeffrey L. Forgeng